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"Mybook Blue Ring" Storage device is a very cheap 500GB ( or more) Network Hard Drive.

This Device can be used for other purposes than only a hard drive : 

You can install several feature packs by a single click. Each feature pack provide some features and has some graphical web interface to allow a very easy configuration, without any linux or advanced knowledge.

Main Features :
   - Access centralized files from any computer at home,
   - AccessBook : Access files from your office or from anywhere in the world via a web interface,
          - Access Remotely your files via a web browser from anywhere.
          - Copy,Cut, paste, rename, upload small files ( 8MB max ) , zip folders , unrar via a simple and fast user interface
          - Request the Mybook to download a given url to the current folder
          - Display a Dynamic portal to your friends , that will show only ressources for which they are allowed.
          - Share folders with your friends over internet. Your friends only need to have a web browser and their user / password...
          - Share your photos with your friends
          - organize your avi files by adding an image and a description to each file.
   - Installation of additional Feature Packs via a very simple user interface.
   - Easy interface for managing  your web server and associated users.
   - check the Activity of your Mybook via the Log Viewer interface
   - Email report of your disk size.
   - Check Status of your Mybook
   - Enable / Disable Mionet  to free up memory

Free Additional FeaturePacks :

- NZBGET : A news Downloader

Exclusive benefits for donators :  

- MP3Audio additional feature to AccessBook : MP3 vizualisation and stream. 

- MybookClone : Backup your data to an external Hard drive

- Automatic installation of transmission ( torrent downloader)

- Kiss application to stream video and music to  a KISS video recorder device...

- No-IP configuration


Is it difficult to install all these greats features on my Mybook?

No, this site is dedicated to people who wants to use the maximum  of their Mybook, with only a few clicks ... (you won't be asked to type any linux command in this site ! only click buttons.. :-) , there is no need to read all these Guru's posts in forums... )

All these feature can be installed via your web browser at home...: Simply follow the simple instructions to install the Feature pack manager, then, you will have access to an easy to use Admin interface from which all features can be configured by simple clicks...

installation procedure is here :

My Installation at Home :

Hardware Architecture


Price indications:

120€ = Mybook 500GB
110€=  1TB external Hard Drive.
30€ = USB Hub 

Last Updated on Friday, 19 August 2011 19:44