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NZBGET Feature Pack Description

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NZBGET is a News Downloader tool.

The NZBGET Feature pack is an interface to install and manage this tool. It can be installed on your Mybook by installing the core features Pack( ) ,

Note the following information :
 - Speed is max 450kb/s due to cpu limitation
 - "$" character is not supported in the password or user field.

This feature pack is only available to site members.

if you do not use the Last Feature pack installer ( with the flower button, ) you need to install this feature pack using the following :
then copy / Paste  the following url  in the Feature pack installer :

if you have already installed the last version of the Feature pack installer, simply click the install button in the Feature pack installer interface.

As soon as you have installed this feature pack, the following Menus will be added :


The Install Menu will allow you to install and configure NZBGET :


Then, you can Manage your NZBGET by clicking Manage :


For requesting a download, simply upload a file to the PUBLIC/WWW/NZB/nzb folder

downloaded files will be stored in PUBLIC/NZB/dst.

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