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NZBGET Feature Pack Description

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NZBGET is a News Downloader tool.

The NZBGET Feature pack is an interface to install and manage this tool. It can be installed on your Mybook by installing the core features Pack( ) ,

Note the following information :
 - Speed is max 450kb/s due to cpu limitation
 - "$" character is not supported in the password or user field.

This feature pack is only available to site members.

if you do not use the Last Feature pack installer ( with the flower button, ) you need to install this feature pack using the following :
then copy / Paste  the following url  in the Feature pack installer :

if you have already installed the last version of the Feature pack installer, simply click the install button in the Feature pack installer interface.

As soon as you have installed this feature pack, the following Menus will be added :


The Install Menu will allow you to install and configure NZBGET :


Then, you can Manage your NZBGET by clicking Manage :


For requesting a download, simply upload a file to the PUBLIC/WWW/NZB/nzb folder

downloaded files will be stored in PUBLIC/NZB/dst.

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Comments (6)
6 Samedi, 27 Novembre 2010 20:06
Jared Ducs

teinturman : Hi, by default, there is no login and password in the nzbgetweb interface.
you can configure one in the Feature pack 's menu...
==> please, redefine a user and password of your choice from this menu...
while postprocessing, NZBGET hides all files
5 Dimanche, 05 Septembre 2010 08:53
Unfortunately I cannot confirm that it works correctly with NZBGET v1.8, because I do not see v1.8, only v1.7...
teinturman : Now, you should see v1.8 : i have just released it for the bluering version...
hope it will solve the issue...
while postprocessing, NZBGET hides all files
4 Vendredi, 27 Août 2010 04:56
Hi, NZBGet v1.7 downloads all files, but then when postprocessing these, NZBGET hides all files for Windows (in a putty session they are still visible) and then stops postprocessing.

HEllo, ,
first, please upgrade to v1.8 , which should set correct permissions on the postprocess script.
normally, the post process script does the following :

change owner to nobody:nobody
then change permissions to 666 ( RW for everyone)
on the downloaded files.

can you confirm it is the case by launching
ls -l path_to_the_downloaded_folder
you cannot access the files while these permissions are set?
Download Speed
3 Jeudi, 15 Juillet 2010 15:22
Just to say that in reference to the Note about max download speed, I have 20Mb Broadband and regularly get over 800KB/s download speeds
teinturman : thanks for your feedback...
no upgrade to v1.6
2 Vendredi, 28 Mai 2010 18:32
Herman Bodewes
Hi Teinturman,
For me version 1.5 doesn't upgrade to 1.6, while the upgrade to v1.6 button is there, at the "flower" screen...
teinturman : this should be solved now...
1 Mercredi, 18 Novembre 2009 04:14
Nice utility but does it support SSL

Teinturman : Hi, I have updated the feature pack and now it support Encryption...
Simply reinstall by copy pasting the FeaturePAck url...

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