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Configure Remote Access (Mybook Live)

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This page is explaining how to configure your home router to allow external access to your Mybook :

Before you start, you must be aware that since version 8.6 of the Webserver feature pack, an important change has been introduced : the AccessBook application is now able to use a dedicated ipaddress to serve content, without impacting WD2go or WDPhoto traffic.

==> it is recommended to configure this optionin the Advanced menu of the Web server feature pack menu.

1) Reserve a free  ip address within your home network which will be dedicated for the Web server.
I will call this ipaddress in the documentation "WebServer Dedicated Ip Address" and will use 192.168.0.Y as a sample for this ip address. By default, the mybook will propose an arbitrary ipaddress.
This ipaddress is a different one than the "Main Ip Address".

In order to reserve this address, you will need to enter the DHCP configuration of your router, and declare a static dhcp entry, with the following mac address :
this will ensure that this ipaddress will never be used by any computer.


2) In the Web Server feature pack , in teh Advance menu, enter this ip address as Dedicated ip address" .
3) Configure WD2GO , within the Western digital interface to use specified external ports : 9080 and 9443, (instead of 80 and 443) ;

in the western digital interface, click "Parameters", then click the "Remote Access " tab,

In connections options, select "Manual"

type port 9080 as external port instead of 80

type port 9443 as external port instead of 443.


4) configure forwarding rules on your home internet Box / router.
in all cases :
Forward port 9080 to the "Main Ip address" of the Mybook ( 192.168.0.X ), with a different target port : 80
Forward port 9443 to the "Main Ip address" of the Mybook ( 192.168.0.X ), with a different target port : 443

you also need to do the following :
case a : you are using OpenVPN :
  Forward port 443 to the "Main Ip Address" of the Mybook , with a different target port : 1394
  Forward port 8080 to the "WebServer Dedicated Ip Address" with same target port ( 8080 )

( please check the Openvpn Ext.access Schema to fully understand the configuration)


case b : you are not using OpenVpn :
  Forward port 443 to the "WebServer Dedicated Ip Address" with same target port ( 443 )
  Forward port 8080 to the "WebServer Dedicated Ip Address" with same target port ( 8080 )

( please check the  Ext.access Schema to fully understand the configuration)


5) once you have done the configuration, you can access the web server :

From your home Network :

accessBook :  https://WebServeripaddress
Western digital GUI :  http://MainIpaddress

From external :

accessbook : https://extipaddress






Below information is provided for users who are using an older version of the Web Server, or people who do not want to use a dedicated ip address for the Web Server :


How to configure Remote Access to your AccessBook (in order to be able to browse your data from anywhere in the world ) :

In order to allow remote connection to your AccessBook Application, it is needed to forward 2 ports (TCP 443 and TCP 8080) from your Home Router to your Mybook Live:

What does it mean ? All 443 and 8080 traffic coming to your Router / InternetBox will be forwarded to the internal ip address of your Mybook Live:

Before you start, you should note the internal and external ip address of your Mybook Live:

Internal IpAddress :  192.168.X.X

External Ip Address : 174.X.X.X 

( click the following link from your home windows computer to automatically detect your External ip address : )


Then , connect to your Router / Box Administration interface, and search "Port Forwarding Option"

configure this option to Forward port TCP 443 to the internal IP Address, port TCP 443.

Do the same with port 8080


If you have a router , you can check the following sites which gives detailed instruction for a large range of routers :

Select your Router from the list,

Click the "Skip Advertisement" link

Select "HTTPS" from the list of applications displayed

Follow the displayed instructions on your Home Router.


Other Notes :  

If you want to understand deeper what opening ports means, you can read this guide :

More generally, if i use technical terms you do not understand, there are several guides here which intends to explains how it works.


As soon as you have done this configuration, you can test by typing :



should display the AccessBook Interface



Should display "Hello World".

Additional infos :
You can check the following schemas also, to better understand how the remote access works :
Schema of Standard Configuration description : a visual schema of open ports on your Mybook Live

Last Updated on Sunday, 26 May 2013 14:48  
Comments (29)
Unable to access private shares on AccessBook
29 Sunday, 02 June 2013 01:46
I have WD Live Duo with Access Book installed. It has worked very well for accessing the Public folder remotely. I made some private share folders and gave permission to the same users in AccessBook as in SAMBA. SAMBA is able to access the private shares, Access Book does not. Access Books shows that the priavte shares exist, but will not display any of the contents. I have tried with the user names i create, and i have tried with the admin; none work. I have Transmission accessing the private shares. When i remote login with OpenVPN i can get into the private shares, but nothing with AccessBook. I am restricted to using AccessBook only for the unlocked Public share. Can you give me some advice please?
sorry for the repeat post, i wasn't logged in with my registered name on the last one
Access Book not accessing Private shares
28 Wednesday, 29 May 2013 20:24
I have WD Live Duo with Access Book installed. It has worked very well for accessing the Public folder remotely. I made some private share folders and gave permission to the same users in AccessBook as in SAMBA. SAMBA is able to access the private shares, Access Book does not. Access Books shows that the priavte shares exist, but will not display any of the contents. I have Transmission accessing the private shares. When i remote login with OpenVPN i can get into the private shares, but nothing with AccessBook. I am restricted to using AccessBook only for the unlocked Public share. Can you give me some advice please?
direct access to MS Office documents
27 Monday, 01 October 2012 20:29
I'm trying to understand if featurepack is what I need... I have a simple question: will AccesBook allow me to open my MS Office files directly from my remote MBL device into Office application? That is, without having to download them, but opening straight into MS Office...
I ask this because does not allow me to do so, since MS Office does not support WebDAV anymore...
Thanks for any clarification!

teinturman :
sorry, i do not know any tool that are able to provide ms office remote access on the mybook.
Internal UI & Certificate
26 Sunday, 30 September 2012 22:50
Thanks for the response.

1) I connect to the webserver with the admin account externally. I can see the web server control panel (All Files, shared videos, shared, pictures, etc) and i can also log in to the Feature pack manager. However, what i want is to have access to the WD UI, the one that you can access locally by typing http://internalIP/UI (where you have the menu: Configuration, Users, Share resources, Safe points, Support). How can i see this panel? Is possible? If so, i can´t find the link.

2) Ok. I will always see this warning as the certificate is self-signed, understood.
I put in the advanced menu: http://externalipaddress:8080 (and configure the port fowarding in my router to port 8080) but i still receive the error message:

--2012-09-30 19:47:35-- http://externalIP:8080/testurl
Connecting to externalIP:8080... connected.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 404 Not Found
2012-09-30 19:47:35 ERROR 404: Not Found.

Many thanks for your support!
Internal UI & Certificate
25 Sunday, 30 September 2012 22:02
Hi Teinturman!

First of all thanks for they reply. I could successfully installed the web server and access to it through https. I have 2 more questions:

1) Can i access the UI (http://internalIP/UI, MBL control panel) from outside? If so, how?

2) I have problems to generate the certificate. This is the configuration i tried:

- WebServer/Advanced: https://externalIP:port. When i hit test button i get the following:

Connecting to externalIP:port... connected.
ERROR: cannot verify externalIP's certificate, issued by `/C=AU/ST=Some-State/O=Internet Widgits Pty Ltd/CN=externalIP':
Self-signed certificate encountered.
To connect to externalIP insecurely, use `--no-check-certificate'.
Unable to establish SSL connection.

- WebServer/GenerateCertificate: externalIP --> hit generate certificate button and i get the following:

Generating a 1024 bit RSA private key
writing new private key to '/usr/local/fpkmgr/Web_Server/NewAccessBook.pem'
You are about to be asked to enter information that will be incorporated
into your certificate request.
What you are about to enter is what is called a Distinguished Name or a DN.
There are quite a few fields but you can leave some blank
For some fields there will be a default value,
If you enter '.', the field will be left blank.
Country Name (2 letter code) [AU]:State or Province Name (full name) [Some-State]:Locality Name (eg, city) []:Organization Name (eg, company) [Internet Widgits Pty Ltd]:Organizational Unit Name (eg, section) []:Common Name (eg, YOUR name) []:Email Address []:4334: old priority -16, new priority 0
Reloading web server config: apache2.

i added the line: ServerName localhost on /etc/apache2/httpd.conf and restart apache manually. Still getting the same error.

Thanks in advanced!!

teinturman :
1) : to access externally, simply connect with the admin account to the webserver externally, and click to the link for accessing the WD ui.
2) certificate will always be self signed , so anytime you will connect with a browser, you will get a warning about the certificate. there is nothing you can do to change this.

in the advanced menu, you need to type the http address and not the https address : it should be the address for the port 8080:

Remote Mgmt problems
24 Friday, 28 September 2012 18:59

i have MBL 3 TB. I can access the drive contents through the wd2go page without problems.

I want to access now to the control panel remotely.

I made the following configurations:

1) In the control panel of MBL i put port 8082 -> 80 and 443 -> 4439. The status is: Connected.
2) In my router i put the proper rules to forward the ports too.

I tried the following pages:

1) http://internalIPAddress/UI/ - I can access
2) https://internalIPAddress/UI/ - Forbidden: You don't have permission to access /UI/ on this server.
3) http://externalIPAddress:8082 - Forbidden: You don't have permission to access /UI/ on this server.
4) https://externalIPAddress:4439 - Forbidden: You don't have permission to access /UI/ on this server.

Could you please tell me why i cannot access to 2), 3) and 4). What i´m doing wrong?

Thanks in advanced!
teinturman : you have done correct configurations, and what you get is normal :
the port that you entered in the Western digital will be used by applications like WD2go or WDPhotos from mobile phones.
==> it is normal that when you connect via the url it does not work.

to validate if it works, you need to install WD2go or WDphoto, then test the application.

https://internalip does not work, and it is normal . do not try to change the port of the wd to port 443.
when you install the Web server feature pack, then https://externalip will give you access to the accessbook application.

Could not reliably determine the server's fully qualified domain name,
23 Wednesday, 26 September 2012 14:48
You get this error reloading or restarting apache (ie /etc/init.d/apache2 reload) if there is no ServerName in /etc/apache2/httpd.conf

Edit /etc/apache2/httpd.conf
Add the following line to the file
ServerName localhost

For example:
# nano /etc/apache2/httpd.conf
Add the following line to the file.
ServerName localhost
# /etc/init.d/apache2 restart
Reformatted but still doesn't work
22 Saturday, 08 September 2012 14:06
I did a full reformat of my MBL and reset all router settings back to factory default and tried everything again. I'm still experiencing the same issues that I posted about last week. I read through all the other posts on this site and it looks like I'm experiencing the same issues as Nathan's post on Saturday, 26 May 2012 02:50.

I get the error "Could not reliably determine the server's fully qualified domain name, using for ServerName" both when I try to generate a certificate as well as when I installed the web server + access book from the fpkmgr.

I also saw the following which looked suspicious during the feature pack manager in putty:
gpg: key 473041FA: "Debian Archive Automatic Signing Key (6.0/squeeze) " not changed
gpg: Total number processed: 1
gpg: unchanged: 1

Any ideas? I'd really like to use this but don't know what else I could possibly try to get this working.
Can't access https or generate certificate
21 Thursday, 30 August 2012 03:10
Thank you for the help.

I did not make any changes to the western digital UI to direct to port 443. And I searched all over just now and could not even find any places in the WD software where I have the ability to make this change.

Is it maybe directing me to the UI because the certificate failed? I still have not been able to get the fpkmgr to create me a valid certificate. I enter http://externalIP:8080 into the field and click "Generate Certificate" and it comes back saying "Reloading web server config: apache2apache2: Could not reliably determine the server's fully qualified domain name, using for ServerName". Is this normal?

When I go to https://internalIP or https://externalIP they both give me failed certificate errors. Maybe at this point it's directing me to the WD UI?

The certicicate error shows "This certificate can not be verified up to a trusted certification authority"
Issued to: *
Issued by:
Can't access https or generate certificate
20 Wednesday, 29 August 2012 02:53
I have 8080 and 443 both forwarded on my router.

When I try to generate a certificate from the feature pack manager I get the following error "Reloading web server config: apache2apache2: Could not reliably determine the server's fully qualified domain name, using for ServerName".

I've tried using http://externalIP as well as http://externalIP:8080 and they both produce the same error. is not the internal IP of my MBL, not sure if that matters (haven't found anywhere i can change that in the feature pack manager)

Here's what various URLs are doing:

http://InternalIP/UI/ -- WD interface
http://InternalIP/fpkmgr -- feature pack manager
http://InternalIP:8080 -- "Hello world"
https://InternalIP/ -- this connection is untrusted --> add certificate --> resolves to --> error You don't have permission to access /UI on this server.
https://InternalIP:8080/ -- secure connection failed --> An error occurred during a connection to -- SSL received a record that exceeded the maximum permissible length. (Error code: ssl_error_rx_record_too_long)

http://ExternalIP/ -- the server is taking too long to respond
http://ExternalIP:8080/ -- "Hello world"
https://ExternalIP/ -- this connection is untrusted --> add certificate --> You don't have permission to access /UI on this server.
https://ExternalIP:8080 -- the server is taking too long to respond

A couple of other questions:
- I need to have a static IP set up on my computer?
- Should i have "Turn UPnP On?" checked or unchecked on my router? Is there also this setting on the WD software someplace I need to adjust?

teinturman :

The fact that https://internalip resolves to https://internalip/UI is not normal. ( all the others are normal)
did you configure any setting in the Western digital to configure the western user interface over port 443?
in this case, this is not compatible with the access book feature pack.
please, check the western user interface, and be sure that there is no specific configuration to allow the western digital interface on port 443.

regarding your questions :
- upnp should not be turned on
- i usually recommend to leave all computers and mybooks using dhcp, but configure your router to affect always the same ipaddress, by defining the mac address of each equipment in your home router.
19 Thursday, 12 April 2012 20:56
Might be a stupid question, but.

Is it possible to only allow the admin account to login @ lan? So that you only have the ''Config manager" when your working

teinturman :
hi : there is no stupid question :
it is not possible to restrict a specific link to be displayed on LAN only... Also, most users will want to still have access to this menu when remote.

what you can do would be to create another user account, which would not have access to config manager.... when you are in remote situation , use the normal user instead of the admin account ...

( and configure a strong password for the admin account.. )
Alias Creation
18 Tuesday, 27 March 2012 15:50
Hi teinturman,

The link below is a typical link to access the public folder: https://xx.xx.xx.xx/AccessBook/lib/FILEMGR/FILEMGR.php?SourcePage=LNK&ID=rTjhNI0zQ8&RelativeFolder=Public

Is there a way to create and optionally remove an alias such that I can remote login directly to a specific directory as follows: https://xx.xx.xx.xx/Public?

teinturman : this is not possible yet on AccessBook, it is in my list of things to do ...
incompatible webserver and wdphoto
17 Thursday, 01 March 2012 01:33

external port 443 is the same in both, only i can redirect internal port. But wd2go pro and wdphoto don't work, web way yes.

i don't found upnp mode in the wd console, Where it is? if is xp mode i tried it but it was unsucessful


teinturman :
Hi, you are right, the upnp GID option has to be disabled in the router console, and not on the Mybook Console .

I have added an article to better explain this :

Also, i will try in the next months , to see if i can do a better compatibility option :
( i currently separate the traffic using ip address differentiation, it could be possible to separate traffic based
on domain name ) i will check if it is possible to configure a rule so that any traffic using a specific domain ( or noip names) will go for Web server, while all other traffic will go for WD2GO )... But this may take monthes...

Change port numbers
16 Monday, 20 February 2012 09:47
Mark Knezevic
IT appears my ISP is blocking port 8080. How can I change the port number?
15 Wednesday, 15 February 2012 02:51
Is it possible to install the No-Ip features pack on the MB Live? It is such a great part of remote access for MBWE,

teinturman :
No-ip is part of the available feature packs for the Mybook live...
simply install it ...
14 Sunday, 29 January 2012 16:53
OK, looks like I just needed to restart the drive for the port change to work. Thanks a lot for your help!
13 Tuesday, 24 January 2012 15:39

I have version 8.2 installed and I am no longer able to access WD2GO or WDPhotos. I am using 4443 to forward to 443 and 8080 to forward to 8080. The WD2GO also uses 443, so Accessbook has taken priority over that port for some reason. How should I fix it so that Accessbook does not conflict with WD2GO?



Accessbook is only compatible with WD2GO without the "upnp mode". ( meaning indirect mode)
in the console for configuring wd2go, there is an option named "Upnp" which you might have ticked...
when you untick this option, WD2go and AccessBook can run together...
unfortunately, this has an impact on WD2go performance...

The other option would be to change the port for AccessBook ( in the /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/WWW-priv file) , but i do not support this change in the feature packs, and each time you would update the feature pack, the custom setting would be restored to 443....

i hope all this is understandable...
MyBook Live Remote Connections
12 Tuesday, 29 November 2011 05:51
I have a MyBook 3T live and started noticing a considerable decline in my internet speed when someone is connected remotely to my NAS. I currently have 18mbps down and when someone is downloading off my NAS it is reduced to around 1.5 to maybe 2.0mbps down. Is there a way to see the IP addresses that are remotely connected to the NAS from my private home network. I should also mention I'm running on Mac. I've tried the netstat (local ip address) command and all that shows is a input / output running list of packets and bytes.
The only way I know how to restore the speed to my home network is to shutdown the NAS and restart. I was wondering if anyone knew a more civilized way to gather information about who is connected, transfer speeds, etc... and then possibly send a kill command of some sort to remove that connection from the outside internet to my local NAS.

teinturman :
unfortunately, i do not know how to monitor remote access...
No Access answer??
11 Tuesday, 11 October 2011 19:23

I just ran into this issue setting up my system today. I run Tomato on my Linksys. The issue in my case was the "Web Admin" secure port access is on port 443 by default. I changed that to 444 and then access using https://IPAddr:444 to get to the router login remotely. Maybe this is your issue as well??

Ron Rossi, KK1L
No access
10 Monday, 12 September 2011 17:40
When I use the http://external address:8080 of MyBook Live I get "Hello World". However, I cannot reach it via the external HTTPS. It just continues to time out. It also timed out on the test portion of the AccessBook interface from when I initially set it up remotely. Both port 443 and 8080 are forwarded to the internal IP address with TCP. Any suggestions?

teinturman :
hello Rob,
first of all, can you confirm if accessbook is working correctly from your internal home network, using https ?
if yes : please review again the configuration of your router...
if not : try to launch the following commanf via putty and note any error message :

/etc/init.d/apache2 restart

public access
9 Monday, 15 August 2011 08:52
Hello, Thanks for wonderful job on these guidelines. It works great. Now after configure mybooklive correctly, I can see https://public-ip and http://public-ip:8080. my question is more technical: once I log in as admin account through https://public-ip, and click on "all files", it shows the directory content under /nsf/. to get to the files, I need continue click until reach /nsf/Public/WWW/WWW-pub/. would it be easier to have filemanager link "all files" directly to the content under "/nsf/Public/WWW/WWW-pub/"?

Also, when I create a new account under filemanager, this user sees nothing once log in? Please help.

Hi, I confirm what you describe is designed by purpose.
the "All files " link points tp the /shares/ folder, so that if you create an additional share, you will still have access to it remotely via AccessBook.
If you need a dedicated link, you can simply create a link of type "FILEMANAGER" that points to the WWW-pub folder...

Also, when you create a new user, it is normal that this user has no access by default, You need to define, for each available link which user will have access. to do so, you need to login as admin to the accessbook interface ...
Can't see Access book interface
8 Monday, 01 August 2011 06:25
Hi, when I type https://externalIP, I can't see Access book Interface, but see https://externalIP/UI , it means usual interface of my book live.
If I type http://externalIP:8080 I see "Hello world".
If I type http://externalIP:8080/shares/ I see The requested URL /shares/ was not found on this server.
What's wrong with it?

teinturman :
Hi, please upgrade to latest version of Web Server feature pack :
v7.9 is now compatible with firmware 02.01.06-026 , including WD2GO and WDPhotos.

PS : if you do not have access to the feature pack manager : you can launch the following command :
mv /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/Apollo3G-ssl /var/www/fpkmgr/fpks/Web_Server/Apollo3G-ssl
/etc/init.d/apache2 restart

Note : http://externalIP:8080/shares is not a valid url , it is normal that you get an error...
remote access only with firefox 4
7 Sunday, 01 May 2011 08:08
I use firefox and I have no problem to connect through my external ip. I tried it on another computer with explorer 8 ( and another one with IE9) but I can't connect. After the warning that the certificate can't be validated and to continue the next page claims the webpage can't be displayed. Also with android 2.1 on my mobilephone and windows mobile 6.1 I can't connect to my WD MBLive. How can I solve this?
Thanx in advance.
teinturman :
Hello, on windows mobile, you need to use the opera browser.
i have tested with internet explorer 8, but not IE9 yet.
==> be sure to select correct option after you get the certificate warning... you need to accept the warning...
there also might be some security configuration in your browser preventing to connect to a web site that have not a certified certificate?

i have not tested with android yet... maybe you could try with the opera browser?
6 Tuesday, 29 March 2011 22:21
I forgot my password to the home fpkmgr section. How could I recover it?
P.S. The link for recovery from blue ring doesn't work for mbl.
teinturman :
the following 2 commands should reset the password to welc0me
echo "admin:ADMIN:e02075586e5ecb7d393905136e0c2d2c">/usr/local/fpkmgr/WebUsers.htdigest.user
chmod a+rx /usr/local/fpkmgr/WebUsers.htdigest.user
5 Tuesday, 22 February 2011 19:39
Сергей Кутузов
Is it possible to configure the Web ... so that access to content directories from the global network has been without a password.

I beg your pardon for my english

Возможно ли настроить веб ... так чтобы доступ к содержимому каталогов из глобальной сети был без пароля.

прошу прощенья за мой английский

teinturman :
Hello, i do not provide this feature.
what approches the most what you want to do is the Home access.
It is possible to remove the restriction to the home network ( local network) , by editing the web server ( apache2) configuration files , but i will not publish the procedure, as it could become a security issue.

You will have to manage this change manually.
access book
4 Friday, 18 February 2011 12:37
All installed on to my home network great but connecting externally when using my ip comes up with can not connect and external ip 94.173.xx.xx:8080 gives some japanese site ????? any help much appreciated

teinturman :
your mybook is correctly configured, i have been able to check your public ip address, and i am prompted for a user and password.
dir 615
3 Wednesday, 16 February 2011 21:45
Just tried all settings wont work grr any ideas might help get this new toy working remotely its a WD MYBOOK LIVE

teinturman :
what exactly does not work ?
First of all, have you tested all the features from the local network ?


if those 2 addresses are working internally,
have you forwarded port 443 and port 8080 to the internal ip address, on your internet router/box ?

what error do you get when trying to connect to each of the urls ?
Does not work on my DD-WRT software
2 Sunday, 30 January 2011 17:15
After going through the process, I just get this error on the "https://ExternaIPAddress".

Error 118 (net::ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT): The operation timed out.

Software: DD-WRT v24-sp2 (10/10/09) std
Router: Netgear WNDR3300

Within the network all works fine. From the outside, it just times out. Not sure why.

teinturman : sorry, i have no idea on how to configure dd-wRt routers...
Loopback Testing
1 Friday, 21 January 2011 13:41
Great article. I can't wait to install it.

Note: I believe the testing suggestion "ExternalIPaddress" & the ":8080" for the webserver, may not work for some routers if done locally due to loopback limitation.

Alex. :)
teinturman : Thanks for the note, at least, i hope it will work via most routers ( it is working on mine .. )

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