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WebServer and AccessBook Presentation (Mybook Live)

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This Feature pack will install a web server (lighttpd) on your Mybook Live, configured as follow :

- a Public web site, that can be accessed at http://IPAddressOfMybook:8080

This web site serve pages that are in the Public/WWW/WWW-pub folder

by default, a index.html file displaying "Hello World" is installed.

- a Private Web Site that can be accessed at https://IPAddressOfMybook

This web site serve pages that are in the Public/WWW/WWW-priv folder.

by default, the AccessBook Application is Configured.

- The AccessBook Application : remotely access your Mybook Live 's files and share them with your friends...

Your friends can connect to your Mybook Live, and have a web portal containing links to files you have given access. These links can be of 4 types : File manager, Photo gallery, simple url or "Scanned Documents". Additionnally, some plugins can be installed to retrieve cinema descriptions from the Web or to  play mp3 files remotely.

As the administrator of AccessBook, you can create new links to some ressources on your Mybook, change the link icon, and give permissions only to users you want to.

The File Manager link will allow you to download , upload files ,  rename , copy / cut / paste files...

You can Search your files and retrieve them easily all over your mybook, even when you are remotely connected...

You can define some thumbnail and description to your avi files....

Some predefined actions are also provided : unrar, create thumbnail of a jpg file, play avi files....

The scanned documents allows you to browse and view multiple page documents that has been scanned as several JPG files....

You can also configure the "Home access" , which will be easier for accessing from home tablets or home computers.
Only home users can connect via this access, and you can allow some users ( typically children) , to connect without passwords. Home Access is restricted to local network and cannot be accessed via internet.

Last Updated on Monday, 11 April 2011 12:05