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Install Mybook Live Feature Pack Manager

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The FeaturePack Manager for the Mybook Live will add an additional web interface to the standard Western Digital Interface.

This new administration interface will allow you to install additional features to your Mybook very easily .

Installation procedure :

1) Activate SSH  on the Mybook Live:

Connect to the Western digital standard interface http://Locaip
and type your password ( if requested).

Then , change the address in the internet explorer address bar to http://localip/UI/ssh

Tick the Active ssh option
and read the warning about risks when activating ssh...

Now, you can use the PUTTY tool to connect to your Mybook :

2)Install PUTTY on your windows computer :

Download the PuTTy.exe tool from the following url :

3) Connect to your Mybook using PUTTY

Launch PuTTy.exe on your windows computer,then type your Mybook's IP Address :

Click the Open Button

login as root

type the password : welc0me

( Note the "zero" character after welc ...)

4) Install the Feature pack manager

If you use static ip address , please, ensure that your Mybook has correct DNS, and gateway configured in the standard Western digital interface before you start installation.

Copy the following line in your clipboard : ( be carefull, it is a single line)

cd /root;wget -q -O /root/;sh /root/

Then , Right Click on the Green Cursor in the PUTTY Window.

This action will paste the line in your PUTTY Window.

press enter to launch the script.

The installation of the FeaturePacks Manager is then launched. A lot of text will scroll across the screen. Please wait the end of the installation when it says "Installation complete"

When the installation is finished, you can close your PUTTY Window ( you should not need it anymore ... ).

You are now ready to connect to the FeaturePacks Manager ...

5) Connect to the Feature pack manager
you can then connect to the feature pack manager :

you will be prompted for a password : welc0me,
then, you will be connected to the feature pack manager.

You can change the admin  password in the System_Configuration menu

Last Updated on Sunday, 22 February 2015 00:33