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Net2ftp- a ftp client via web

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Net2ftp is a web based ftp client that allows you to connect to an ftp server, even if you have not any ftp client installed on your computer, or if ftp protocol is blocked by some firewalls...

This feature pack requires that the Web_Server+AccessBook Feature pack be previously isntalled.

when the feature pack is installed , you can connect to net2ftp via the following url : https://externalipaddress/net2ftp
then type your ftp server, login and password...

Important  notes :
   - this tool can only download to your computer, it cannot downlod ftp files to your Mybook...
   - Only small files can be uploaded / downloaded

There is no configuration options.
Please visit the official site for net2ftp, they have all the credits for this tool :

Last Updated on Sunday, 18 July 2010 06:30