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Mybook Rescue Tool (BlueRing SingleDrive)

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The Mybook Rescue Tool  will allow you to apply the System partitions to your Mybook World BlueRing Single Drive hard drive, without  deleting the data that is on the Data partition.

The procedure ONLY APPLY to SINGLE Drive Mybook Blue ring. :

1) download the Mybook Rescue Tool  from the download page  ( Donators only )


2) connect your hard drive to your Windows computer.

3) launch the MybookRescue.vbs Tool

click next,
select the harddrive that corresponds to your Mybook Hard Drive.

Check in the confirmation page

4) wait that the partitions are applied

5) remove properly ( eject from windows) the usb drive

6) plug back the disk to your Mybook and boot ,

7) connect to your Mybook.

Your Mybook should now be unbrick , you can now connect to the Western digital interface

  user and password is admin/123456

Last Updated on Sunday, 08 January 2012 11:57